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iconStyle String Compost Turner

  • In Vessel Composter

    In vessel composting equipment is a kind of high-temperature composting method/system for small-, medium- and large scale manure waste composting. The whole process is totally-enclosed with no waste gas/water discharge.


  • Elevating Belt Compost Turner

    Elevating face compost turner is designed for animal waste under-house channel composting. It employs an inclined conveyor with powerful teeth to lift the organic wastes up and over itself.


  • Hydraulic Auxiliary Crawler Compost Turner

    Hydraulic auxiliary crawler windrow composting equipment has the features of strong pull, well-done in climbing slope and high turning height, so it is widely used for middle and large farms all over the world.


  • Full Hydraulic Crawler Compost Turner

    Full hydraulic crawler type compost turners can easily adjust the frame height during composting organic wastes. It is popular in large farms or large industries to turn all kinds of materials and wastes.


  • Hydraulic Auxiliary Wheel Compost Turner

    We manufacture hydraulic compost turner with hydraulic auxiliary system to speed up organic fertilizer composting. This hydraulic compost turner is easily operated with high working capacity to meet different demands.


  • Self-propelled Wheel Windrow Turner

    Self-propelled wheel compost windrow turner creates a better Aerobic environment for organic materials fermentation. It shortens composting time, and effectively prevents the production of harmful and malodorous gases, such as HZS, amine gas.


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