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compost turnerThe addition of an auxiliary hydraulic system to heavy construction equipment, such as compost turner, industrial crane, increases the versatility of the vehicle by allowing it to perform additional functions with different attachments. It is this full hydraulic system that makes the crawler compost turner the most advanced & popular compost machine in the world now.


Product Overview

Full Hydraulic crawler compost turner adopts hydraulic drive system as the driving source and the crawler as the running parts. From a technical point of view, the purpose of the crawler is using it’s meshing of the main driving wheel to transmit the driving or braking torque, produce the traction force or braking force by relying on the interaction with the ground. The total pressure of supporting wheel working on the crawlers below can increase contact area on the ground, and the decorative pattern on the crawler can increase the adhesion performance.

Full hydraulic compost turner is a state-of-the-art compost machine for sale in the world. It is sturdy and powerful with advanced technology. What is more, it features with big capacity and powerful turning. With features of relying on the crawler walking, double roller hydraulic lifting regulation, high automation level, simple operation, this compost turner is so widely used for big farmers in Europe and USA. It is the professional turning equipment for oxygen fermenting organic materials. It is widely used for large working capacity with a minimum investment in mechanical linkage.


Correct Application of Hydraulic Crawler Compost Machine

  1. When turning organic materials, the vertical of the composting piles are triangular or trapezoidal.
  2. When working, safeguard the operator by wearing protecting thing according to current environment, especially in enclosed area. Other people should far away from the working area.
  3. Keep the working track none of amounts of materials; pay more attention to the pointed materials on the crawlers, once found, clear it right now.
  4. Rise the roller properly when difficulties in walking across the materials, and lower it once it is normal.
  5. To protect compost turner, the roller must be risen before starting to walk across the uneven ground.
  6. Customers in different areas should change or adjust diesel oil according to different climates.


compost turner

                              Drives room                                    This compost turner is mainly used outside in
————————————————————large-scale commercial composting sites


Different Modes of Hydraulic Crawlers Compost Turner

It is divided into 6 models-FD550, FD500, FD450, FD400, FD350, FD300-in accordance with the production capacity.

FD550 compost machine can handle 2500-3000 m³ materials per hour with formed compost piles’ maximum width of 5.7 m and maximum height of 2.4 m. The new-formed triangular long-stick compost pile can maximize the efficient using the workplace. To change the height of the compost piles during turning and lifting, it can correspondingly adjust the the height of the whole frame. This is really convenient for operator.

Model FD 450 can handle 2000-24000 m³ compost piles per hour with cross-sectional area of 4.8㎡ and the maximum height of 2.1 m and the maximum height of 1.2 m.

Difference Between Full Hydraulic Crawler Compost Turner and Hydraulic Auxiliary Wheel Compost Turner

The difference between them is their drive system and the running system.

★ the former adopts whole hydraulic system whose major components are the reservoir, pulp, value and actuator. All parts are work together to ensure high efficient working. This compost machine is with caterpillar treads in place of wheels.

★ the later adopts semi-automatic hydraulic system. It is designed with 4 wheels to drive the machine forward.

  compost turner machine
Full hydraulic compost turner has been shipped to Philippines on 5th, June, 2015

Technological Data of Whole Hydraulic Crawler Compost Turner Machine

Model FD550 FD500 FD450 FD400 FD350 FD300
Maximum Width

of the pile

5700mm 5100mm 4600mm 4200mm 3600mm 3100mm
Maximum Height

of the pile

2400mm 2200mm 2000mm 1900mm 1800mm 1600mm
Plies distance 0.6m 0.6m 0.6m 0.6m 0.6m 0.6m
Turning Height 2-3m 2-3m 2-3m 2-3m 2-3m 2-3m
Maximum Diameter
of the Materials
350mm 350mm 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Production Capacity 2500-3000 m³

per hour

2500~2800 m³

per hour


per hour


per hour


per hour


per hour

Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 3450 * 6400 * 3900mm 3350 * 5800 * 3900mm 3350 * 5400 * 3900mm 3300 * 4800 * 3900mm 3300 * 4500 * 3500mm 3420 * 4000 * 3400mm
Forward Speed 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min.
Reverse Speed 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min. 0-10 m/min.
Overall Weight ≈11500kg ≈10500kg ≈9500kg ≈8500kg ≈7500kg ≈6000kg
Calibration Power

of the Engine

Track Width 2×0.3m 2×0.3m 2×0.3m 2×0.3m 2×0.3m 2×0.3m
Crawler Gauge 5400mm 4800mm 4500mm  3800mm 3400mm 2900mm










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