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compost turnerHydraulic auxiliary crawler type windrow turner uses rotating paddles or flails to agitate the materials, break up clumps of particles, and maintain porosity. It utilizes a hydraulic steering system. And it has the features of crawler drive, strong pull, well-done in climbing slope and crossing ground, and can walk on sticky, moisture and sandy soil, so it is widely used in agricultural field.


Advantageous features of crawler design of the hydraulic auxiliary windrow compost turner:

◆ the total weight is light

◆ noise free , vibration free and pollution – free and long life

◆ High running speed

◆ Less damage to the ground

◆ Small ground pressure

◆ Gradually reduce fuel consumption


Difference between Crawler Type Windrow Turner and Wheel type one

Hydraulic compost turner can be divided into 3 kinds: full hydraulic, semi-automatic hydraulic. The latter consists of 2 types: hydraulic auxiliary crawler windrow turner and hydraulic auxiliary wheel compost turner. Compared with wheel type, the crawler type composting equipment has a stronger character. In general, wheel windrow turner is suitable for small and middle farm’s work. While crawler compost turner is widely used for farm, municipal and industrial composting, being one of the most popular windrow turner.

Working Video of Semi-Hydraulic Crawler Windrow Turner Machine:

Parameter of Hydraulic Auxiliary Crawler Windrow Composting Equipment:

Model XGFD-2300 XGFD-2600 XGFD-3000
Width of the pile 2300mm 2600mm 3000mm
Height of the pile 600mm-1000mm 1000-1300mm 1300mm-1500mm
Plies distance 0.8-1m 0.8-1m 0.8-1m
Maximum Diameter of Materials 250mm 250mm 250mm
Power 75hp

Diesel Engine


Diesel Engine


Diesel Engine


Maximum Rotational Speed 2400 revs per min. 2400 revs per min. 2400 revs per min.


Rated Horsepower Speed 2400 revs per min. 2400 revs per min. 2400 revs per min.


Working Speed 6-10 m/min. 6-10 m/min. 6-10 m/min
Traveling Speed 50m/min.

Three forward gears, A reverse


Three forward gears, A reverse


Six forward gears, A reverse

Dia. Of Blades 500mm 500mm
Production capacity 600-800m³ per hour 1000-1200m³ per hour 1200-1500m³ per hour
Overall Dimension 2500 * 3300 * 2700mm







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