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compost turnerFunctions of Compost Turners

Compost tuner uses modern technology to deal with organic wastes, such as the dung of livestock and poultry ,the litter of agriculture and animal husbandry, household refuse, filter mud, sludge, waste residue, distillers’ grains, etc. It aims to decrease the harmless of such waste, improve soil condition and crop quality. It is the ideal equipment to converted part of the pollution source and organic waste into high-quality biological organic fertilizer.


Hydraulic Auxiliary Wheel Type Compost Turner Introduction

This compost turner machine is widely used to ferment all kinds of organic wastes into top-quality compost in large farms and middle- or large-scale organic fertilizer production plants. It can be used both in indoor and outdoor compost system, for both family-use and industrial use.

Instead of steering wheel, Two pull rods are specially designed to control the forward & backward of the machine, which is the spotlight! Without steering wheels, the operator can easily turn the machine left and right, or turn 180 degree in original place. The stirring shaft is controlled hydraulically to rise or lower, and the driving speed is adjustable according to the moisture content of compost materials.


Application of Hydraulic Auxiliary Wheel Type Compost Turner Machine

It is widely suitable to ferment manure with microbial groups into organic fertilizer. Manure and wastes with microbial and straws, while create a good aerobic environment for materials composting. In this condition, all wastes can get rid of odor within few hours, and the fermentation temperature is always controlled between 60 – 70 degrees which speeds up composting.

Raw materials include:

  1. –viscous manure, sewage sludge and other various materials
  2. –loose materials (agricultural waste, life wastes and municipal solid waste)
  3. –wrapping materials(crop straw, leaves, grass, vegetable wastes)


wide application of compost turner


Function of Hydraulic Compost Turner in Quality Compost Fertilizer Composting & Granulating Process

  1. Choose a plain and well-drained composting place with direct sunlight.
  2. Screen the stones or plastics from the materials and crush big materials into small parts.
  3. Evenly mix different raw materials in a proper ratio according to soil condition.
  4. Building the piles, with the width of 2.3-2.6 m and the height of 0.6-1.3m; use thermometer to view the temperature.
  5. Driving hydraulic compost turner to turn piles once a day when temperature rises, until the compost pile is fully fermented (at least 4 times)
  6. When the color of materials darken, and the temperature won’t rise, thus fully-composted piles are formed.
  7. Screen all composted materials and crush the big materials into small part.
  8. Add proper micro-element and mix them evenly by horizontal mixer.
  9. Choose proper fertilizer making machine and granulate them into different sizes of organic fertilizer granules.
  10. Dry and then cool the granular organic fertilizer by rotary dryer and cooler.
  11. Package them with bags by automatic fertilizer packaging machine.


Features of Hydraulic Auxiliary Compost Turner

  1. This organic fertilizer compost turner is equipped with a push plate in front to save the composting time by labors and a new cab to make the operation more simple and more comfortable.
  2. This wheel type compost turner is cheaper than crawler one. At the same time, with hydraulic auxiliary system, it saves diesel oil and labor.
  3. Compost turner machine shortens fermentation time from 40-50 days to 7-10 days, being very useful for large farms and organic fertilizer plants.
  4. Compared with crawlers compost turner, wheel compost turner can walk a long distance with high speed.


compost turner


Benefits of Hydraulic Auxiliary System:

The purpose of applying a hydraulic auxiliary system is to rise and lower the stirring shaft during working. In general, the hydraulic auxiliary system is made up of hydraulic accumulator, filter, fuel tank, heat exchange, pipe fittings and rubber piles and so on. The hydraulic accumulator can stock and release the pressure energy to rise or lower the stirring shaft.


Parameter of Hydraulic Auxiliary Wheel Compost Turner

Model XGFD-2300 XGFD-2600
Width of the pile 2300mm 2600mm
Height of the pile 600mm-1000mm 1000-1300mm
Plies distance 0.8-1m 0.8-1m
Maximum Diameter of Materials 250mm
Power 75hp

Diesel Engine


Diesel Engine

Maximum Rotational Speed 2400 revs per min. 2400 revs per min.
Rated Horsepower Speed 2400 revs per min. 2400 revs per min.
Working Speed 6-10 m/min.
Traveling Speed 50m/min.

Three forward gears, A reverse


Three forward gears, A reverse

Dia. Of Blades 500mm
Production capacity 600 -800 m3 / hour 1000 – 1200 m3 /hour
Overall dimension 2500*3300*2700 mm





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