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compost windrow turnerDesigned with advanced and modern technology, self-propelled compost windrow turner can turn agricultural wastes, manure and other organic wastes into ideal biological organic fertilizers.


Introduction of Self-propelled Wheel Windrow Turner

This windrow turner turns windrow piles periodically to improve porosity and oxygen content, mix in or remove moisture, and redistribute cooler and hotter portions of the pile, being an easy-operation composting equipment for outside fermentation. Organic materials are piled in long rows (windrows). Self-propelled compost windrow turner efficiently mixes materials with microbial preparation evenly to create a better aerobic environment, . In this condition, organic wastes get rid of odor within 7 -12 hours, dry in 3 days, and be quality compost fertilizer within 5 -7 days. This machine increases value of finished product. It is with higher efficiency than groove type compost turner.


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Features of XGFD-2000 Compost Windrow Turner

  1. Four-wheels design, this diesel powered windrow compost turner can be easily operated and freely turn forward & It be used both in outdoor sites and greenhouses.
  2. The latest-generation XGFD-2000 windrow turner is with much lower price when compared with Hydraulic Auxiliary Wheel Compost Turner and Full Hydraulic Ones. This promotes the increase of its sales in developing countries and makes it the most popular one in developed countries.
  3. It has a perfect design. All welding parts one the surface almost can not be seen. The steel material is free of transformation. Its turning height can arrive 60-8
  4. By turning all kinds of wastes, such as manure, industrial wastes, sludge sewage and household wastes etc. into green and environmental organic fertilizer to change soil condition is the main application of compost windrow turner.
  5. With features of low investment, low consumption, fast fertilizer fermentation and high production capacity.


Advantages of Self-propelled Windrow Compost Turner

  1. Self-propelled wheel windrow turner can turn 400-500 cubes/hour. An organic fertilizer plant with 3-4 t/d capacity only needs one set of this turner machine to work about 20 minutes (actual working time). PS: one machine, one operator. It saves time and money.
  2. Self-propelled wheel windrow turner can be equipped with some auxiliary facilities, for example automatic sprinkling device, which saves time & labor, and improves production efficiency & fertilizer quality.
  3. Except XGFD-2000, we also manufacture XGFD-2300, XGFD-2600, and XGFD-3000to meet customers’ different requirements.


Working Video of Self Propelled Compost Windrow Turner

Technical Data of Self-propelled Compost Windrow Turner

Model XGFD-2000
Width of the pile 2000mm
Height of the pile 600mm-800mm
Plies distance 0.5-0.8m
Maximum Diameter of Materials 250mm
Power 36hp

Water-cooled, Electric start

Maximum Rotational Speed 2200 revs per min.
Rated Horsepower Speed 2200 revs per min.
Working Speed 7.5—8 m/min.
Traveling Speed 50m/min.

Three forward gears, A reverse

Dia. Of Blades 600mm
Production capacity 400—500m³ per hour







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