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iconStyle String How to Prolong the Service Life of Hydraulic Compost Turner?

spare parts of hydraulic compost turnerPreventive and regularly scheduled maintenance is vital to the efficiency and life of large machinery. In commercial composting sites, composting machinery and equipment are major cost items in large-scale compost production. Regular preventive maintenance of hydraulic compost turner will prolong its service life, thus saving production costs.


Daily/Weekly Maintenance and Periodic Inspection of Hydraulic Compost Turner

Inspections before start:

◇ check and adjust all fasteners securely and all bearing clearance of transmission parts appropriately (too loose or too tight may cause too much resistance)

◇ add butter on bearing seats and check the oil level of gear box

◇ check wire connectors


Maintenance after shutdown:

◆ clean residues from frame and crawler of compost turning machine after shutdown;

◆ lubricate each lubricating points in time.

◆ cut off power.

hydraulic compost turner machine

Weekly maintenance of hydraulic compost turner machine

▽ check oil volume of reduction gearbox, fill enough gear oil.

▽ clean materials from outlet and keep it open and clear.

▽ inspect each contact point in cabinet, replace damaged parts timely.


Periodic inspection items

▼ check operation situation of motor speed reducer, if there is abnormal sound, heat and other conditions, it should be immediately shut down for inspection.

▼ check all bearings and replace highly wear parts.



Hydraulic lifting system and caterpillar track are the first 2 most important parts of full hydraulic compost turner. How to maintain them relates to the life and working efficiency of the whole machine.


Hydraulic System Maintenance

In order to ensure hydraulic equipment can meet the high production capacity, stable and reliable technological performance, requirements for hydraulic system must be: skilled operation, reasonable adjustment, careful maintenance and planned maintenance. Requirements are as follows:
● Reasonable adjust working press and speed of hydraulic system according to requirements of introduction and working requirement. when pressure value and the speed control value is at desired value, it should adjust the screw fixation to prevent loosen.
● select suitable hydraulic oil according to instructions and provisions of the brand; change unqualified oil immediately once found.; filter oil before refueling; At the same time, remember regularly check oil to ensure best oil quality.
● Working temperature of oil need to below 80 degrees, general control in the range or of 35-70 degrees. Check for the reason when temperature is more than specified range.
● Ensure stable voltage; keep fluctuation value not exceed the rated voltage of +5%-15%.
● Forbid working and adjusting press under the situation of defective pressure gauge or no-press gauge.
● Close electrical cabinets, electrical box, operating platform and command control box lid when not use.
● When a part of an hydraulic system failure (such as hydraulic instability, low oil press and vibration), it is necessary to analyze all causes and repair in time where forced running may cause major accidents.
● Periodic check cooler and heater.
● Regularly observe the working performance of the accumulator, if the air pressure is insufficient or oil or gas are mixed, it should timely inflate and repair it.
● Regularly replace seal parts for every one and a half year.
● Regularly measure and replace the performance of the main components.


Requirements for operation and maintenance of hydraulic system

The operation and maintenance of hydraulic equipment should meet general requirements, as well as its special requirements, the contents are as follows :
○ The operators must be very familiar with the role of main hydraulic components and principle of hydraulic system, as well as operation sequence.
○ As for hydraulic system, operators must carefully observe it’s working pressure and speed, check oil cylinder or oil motor so as to ensure it’s stable and reliable working .
○ Before start hydraulic pump motor, it is necessary to check whether all main electromagnetic valve are in it’s original state, check oil level. Don’t start it under the situation of insufficient oil and abnormal parts.
○ In winter, remember start the hydraulic pump motor when oil temperature is below 20 degree. In summer, when the oil temperature is higher than 70 degree, operators must pay more attention to  working condition of hydraulic system, and notify the maintenance personnel for processing.
○ Operators should firstly start the hydraulic pump motor to take the pressure in working when the compost turner machine has been shut down more than 4 hours. If it like that, before start work, it should start the hydraulic pump motor for 5-10 minutes(pump for oil transfer), and then to take the press.
○ Don’t push electronic control valve by hand; don’t damage or move the position of each limit switch arbitrarily.
○ When hydraulic system is in trouble, operators should ask for the help of maintenance department who should analyze causes according to introduction.
○ Keep clean, prevent dust, cotton yarn and other debris into the fuel tank.


Correct Use and Maintenance of Track

maintenance on track of hydraulic compost turnerTracks are very important components for walking system of hydraulic compost turner machine. According to theory data, a new track can be used for 2-3 years, while unreasonable maintenance will shorten it’s service life. The correct methods for use and maintenance of crawler belts are as follows:

▲ Use and maintenance for new tracks. Turn track pin end approximate by pipe wrench to avoid crankshaft shape of track ahead.
▲ Correctly adjust sag tracks. Normal track sag should be 30 ~ 50mm, not too tight not too loose, and two crawler belt should be the same. Generally keep track sag at about 30mm when the compost turner machine work on a flat, hard ground.
▲ Try to walk as balance as possible to minimize unilateral wear When crawler compost turner work for organic manure fermentation.
▲ Remember change rotation angel of track pin at 60℃ after a whole working time of 10000 hours because sediments and other wastes in track holes during turning and lifting will cause heavy wear and high crankshaft.
▲ During use, regularly inspect wear condition and crawler belt sag. Don’t adjustable turn or turn fast as for crawler compost turner machine with high sag or wear. Don’t work in rugged ground for a long time which may cause track derailment.
▲ Exchange two tracks each other when drive wheel or crawler meshing parts heavily wear; exchange driving wheels to prolong the track service life.
▲ Timely inspect all cracks on walking equipment, and timely repair or strengthen them.
▲ Importance for lubrication! Lubrication for walking system is very important, as a lot of “burned”roller bearings are caused by much leakage. General speaking, there are five parts as follows which are very easy to leak, it should pay more attention.

△ Leak from the part between outer retaining ring and shaft because of damaged or bad round ring between the ring and the shaft.
△ Leakage may from the contact blocks between outer ring and supporting wheel because of bad contact of floating seal rings or defect round shape rings.
△ Oil may be leaked between bush and roller because of poor connection between supporting wheel and bush.
△ Perhaps leak from gas plug beside because of loose plug in oil filer or damaged sealed plug hole.
△ Leakage in the part between cover and roller because of poor contact of round shape ring.
Therefore, it should be pay more attention to those sites, regular lubricate or replace relative parts.




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